Arlo and Sally - Sept. 24, 2006 - Chicago, IL


Traveling in style

Our New York home base

As if New York wasn't hard enough to leave …
we saw these guys on our way to the train station.



We've decided to follow up our urban wedding with an urban honeymoon -- the day after the ceremony, we'll board an Amtrak train for New York City and spend a week eating our way through the Big Apple. (Or at least the Indian and Middle Eastern neighborhoods.)

Since we've both lived on our own for years, we're well supplied with kitchenware and other popular wedding gifts. Instead, we'd love it if you could contribute to our honeymoon budget! We've outlined our major costs on this page. If there's something you'd like to help with, just enter your gift amount and you'll be taken to a secure payment page at PayPal. Thanks for helping us create an unforgettable trip!


On the eve of our wedding, we received the gift that completed our honeymoon budget, and we were able to start our trip with the comforting knowledge that it was all paid for by your generosity. Thank you! Here's a quick visual tour of the fun and adventure that you made possible.

Amtrak tickets

Darlene Becker and Erik, Christina T'Filla Bensche, Ron and Laura Brenner, Neil Donovan and Ellen Shriver, Sallie Gaines, Eleanor Goff, Shifra Harris, Cynthia Higgins, Harry and Erna Kuhns, Kristen Larsen and Marc Greenstein, Cyndi Leach, Mike and Randi Lee, Jim and Ruth Newell, Norwood Crossing Resident Council, Greg and Nadeen Olson, Helga Schweitzer, Ciel Scuito, Neil Smith and Mary Ganchoff, Mona Voss


Bed & breakfast

Tom and Hilda Ashton, Jamie Ballard and Dennis Karau, Bill and Barbara Byrne, Steve and Heather Crade, Adam and Caitlin Duncan, Deb Hilt, Beth Larson and Michael Fritz, Rob and Vicki Leach, Thelma Leach, Steve and Louise Maddux, Fritz and Gretchen Mellberg, Matt Newell and Jen, Isaac and Cookie Roang, Stu and Mimi Rose, Mike and Sandy Schoeppner, Tim Schulte and Melissa, Toni Shortino, Al and Rosemary Towle, Mark and Jerri Wagner, Ernie and Ethel Voss


Subway passes

Serena Worthington and Terri Griffith
Cab fares

Sue Babyk

Theatre tickets

Jon and Chris Goff
Concert tickets

Brandi Davis

Historical tour

Dave and Dorothy Leach
Ellis Island ferry

Dave and Dorothy Leach

Chinese food

Linda Kreger
Italian food

Linda Kreger

Middle Eastern food

Margaret Leach
Indian food

Carroll and Katie May, Chris and Britta Woods

Famous vegetarian food

Starr Ahrens
New York pizza

Bob Dow and Stephanie Rose, Erik and Lily Watkins

MOMA tickets

Kathy Schoeppner
StoryCorps recording session

Adam and Caitlin Duncan

"Honeymood spontenaiety"

Skip and Fran Landt

Kevin and Jeanne Giles